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(Sauropus androgynus) A wonderful tropical plant that has leaves with a delicious peanut-like flavor and almost 10% protein! This amazing herb is used widely in Asia as both a cooking and salad green! Hard to find, it can be grown outdoors in the deep south if protected from frost. In Northern Vietnam the plants overwinter after being trimmed back to about 15 inches; the nights there do get close to freezing. In subtropical areas it forms a small shrub. For gardeners in the north it can be grown as an annual or taken inside in the winter, or even cultivated in a greenhouse or sun porch. But you can grow it as a annual or year-round in a greenhouse. The tender shoots are what is harvested; regular pruning and watering assures a constant harvest. Even though the plant is completely edible raw, it it is highly recommended that it is cooked if large quantities are consumed.

(CAUTION: Some authorities believe that Katuk is responsible for lung problems, primarily when eaten in a raw or partially cooked state. Therefore we advise only complete cooking of this herb prior to consumption. For more information, see the following link: http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/145/9/842.full.pdf)

Please consider these terms before ordering live plants: Most plants will be 3”-7” in height. All plants will ship weekly as available from the first of March to the end of May. Please make sure you are ready for your order in your zone as these young, tender plants generally have no resistance to cold. No orders shipped outside of the USA.

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