Morning Glory

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Westminster, CA, United States
September 11, 2017
Beautiful easy to grow
Easy to Grow 5.0
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What are the pros? Low maintenance

What are the cons? None


I didn't nick the seed as often recommended, I just put 3 in a little hole next to a struggling King palm and actually forgot about these until the very pretty lime green leaves sprouted up. I do not have the white and red colors as shown, however the deep blue is one of the most beautiful morning glory flowers I have seen. The form of the flower is most pleasing. I wish I could post pictures of how beautiful these are. They are fine with a couple of almost 100 degree days we had and have weathered the last heat wave really well, especially for being grown in soil that is filled with rocks and is not fertilized at all nor watered on a regular schedule. Prolific blooms daily! I will plant these again. I enjoy them every day.

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