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Kirkman Melon, Cucumis melo KYRGYZSTAN (6 seeds) (JSML101) $5.00
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Kirkman Melon, Cucumis melo KYRGYZSTAN

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Not far from the famous Southern Kyrgyzstani town of Osh I discovered this beautiful variety. Driving down a narrow road lined by giant plane trees ( Sycamores) I caught glimpse of a fenced in porch that was piled full of melons. I asked my driver to back up so that we could enquire. Knocking on the front gate, a little boy answered, my translator driver, asked for his parents, the little boy dashed away his mother replacing him. Sheepishly, she peered out of the crack in the door, my driver explained that I was interested to know about the melons on the porch. “Oh, those melons, we raise them every year and we sell them later when the price is higher”. I had broke ice, the lady shouted for her husband. A minute or two passed and a foursome came around the corner, this time the husband was accompanied by the little boy and twin sisters. Hearing my story, the husband was enthusiastic, that I an American was interested in his melon variety fascinated him. Immediately he cut open a melon, “Take this” he said sliding the just cut slice off the knife. It was a spectacular crunchy, juicy sweet melon, “These store for months.” He told my driver, they get sweeter and sweeter. I told him that I would buy several, but first I needed some photos, he volunteered the twins to pose, and I quickly set them up each with a melon in hands. Against the back drop of the Platane (Sycamore) trees my treatment of the “ Kirkman” melon could not be more authentic. Asking about seeds I was told that he had a couple of kilos that he would sale. Further chat revealed that he truly believed that the seed would grow best and produce the sweetest melons only after it had been “aged” for at three years. We never did ask him if four would be even better! This is a beautiful melon reminiscent of many of the “winter” melons that are grown in Central Asia. Fine sweet, juicy and crunchy this is a wonderful melon to try

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