Lauren's Grape Poppy

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(Papaver somniferum) Averages 98 days to bloom. This variety puts on a particularly sensational show in the garden. The 3-4.5 inch feather-light blooms seem to float atop wispy 2-3 foot stems. Magnificent wine-colored blooms and misty blue-green lettuce-leaf-type foliage creates a bold contrast. This dramatic poppy is a garden designer’s dream. It comes as no surprise that the variety was carefully selected and bred by Lauren Springer, a well-known garden designer and author! Lauren’s painterly style shines through in this bold, grape-purple poppy, perfect for creating whimsical landscapes! The clouds of purple blooms are ultra-attractive to pollinators, especially bees. It’s an annual that self seeds readily.

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Minimum Seed Count: 600
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