Lavender, Torch Minty Ice

68% of 100
Perennial in zones 7-10 (can also be grown as an annual). The icy blast of wintermint fragrance makes this a lavender you won’t forget. Silvery gray, ferny foliage and spikes of steely lavender-colored blooms give this edible ornamental a frosted look. The fragrance is an intoxicating mix of cool mint infused with traditional lavender! We love to tuck these tidy, 2.5-foot-tall plants into mixed container plantings, landscapes, and cottage gardens to add a touch of frosty elegance. 
    • 6-12 hours of Sun
    • Sprouts in 14-21 Days
    • Ideal Temperature: 70-75 Degrees F
    • Seed Depth: Surface Sow
    • Plant Spacing: 12"
    • Frost Hardy: Yes
    • Lavandula multifida

Growing Tips: Start seeds indoors in late winter. Sprinkle on moist paper towel, hold in fridge 30-40 days. Seeds will sprout; can be placed into pots and grown indoors until planting outdoors after last frost date.

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Minimum Seed Count: 25
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