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Legend Tomato (Late Blight Resistant) (15 seeds) (WW201) $4.00

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Legend Tomato (Late Blight Resistant)

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Just the late-blight-resistant tomato you've been looking for! Developed by Drs. Jim Myers and James Baggert at Oregon State University and released in 2008, 'Legend' is a big, early, productive, great tasting tomato. It would be worth growing even without its resistance to the killer late-blight fungus, simply for being the earliest big slicing tomato out there (fruits can reach 4-5" across). You should note that "resistance" is not the same as "immunity," but growers can expect two or three additional weeks of harvest from their 'Legend' plants beyond when late-blight infestation fully destroys the crops of other tomato varieties nearby. This is also an uncommon "parthenocarpic" tomato variety, meaning it sets fruit without fertilization, making it a great tomato for colder areas, where cool nights might otherwise make tomato flowers shrivel. It is slightly challenging for seed-savers because it doesn't produce many seeds. Grown ecologically in New Jersey by the Experimental Farm Network.
Legend Tomato (Late Blight Resistant)
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Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

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Deb H.
Hicksville Long Island, NY, United States
April 4, 2017
Highly recommended variety.
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Heavy bearing, disease resist.

What are the cons? None


I've been growing Legend for 5 years with success. This is a compact, determinate plant, reaching just past the tops of the average, circular tomato cage. It is heavy bearing for me, so much so that one plant required a second cage tied to the main cage just to support the fruit of one of the stems of the plant (I do not pinch the suckers). Every Legend plant eventually needed a stake or two to support the cage, due to weight of the fruit. Much of the fruit ripens at the same time, but not all of it. The fruit on my plants looked exactly like those in the photo. Our soil is acidic (ph 4) so I incorporate dolomitic lime turned into the soil and about a third of a cup sprinkled into the hole that I put the tomato plants into. I use soaker hoses to water. The most prevalent disease I have is septoria, that specked fungus. To fight this, I put down a lawn clipping mulch and remove any leaves that touch the soil. I highly recommend this variety.

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