Garden Berries

Irvine, CA
July 27, 2013
Worth trying
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 3.5

What are the pros? Prolific, tasty, and unique

What are the cons? Fruit attacked by insect


We tried growing this in a (small) container this year and had terrific results. Other reviewers have noted the visual appeal of this plant, and we'd have to agree - it's a star in our garden! As to fruit, we find them delicious. I always laugh at descriptions of fruit (and wines) that attribute flavors that I can't detect... but these really do taste as much of cherries as they do anything else. Sweet and wonderful right off the plant. Perhaps a mild tomato-like finishing note. Ours was top-heavy for the small container we used, so put a brick or two in your pot if going that route. The plant is about four feet tall (I'm sure it would be bigger in a better-suited container) and still setting fruit and flowering in July. The only downside is that some insect has been burrowing into some of our fruit, but we luckily we have enough to share!

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