Round Rock, TX, United States
February 11, 2018
So fun
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? great germination rate!

What are the cons? None


These little carrots are so fun to grow! I think every single seed sprouted there were so many! We were hit with some 10 degree temperatures here in Texas, and although the green tops were damaged a bit, the carrots below ground were fine (some of my other carrots the roots the carrots were damaged.) I'm in the beginning stages of amending my soil in my garden, so only the top few inches are great for sprouting seed, but after an inch or two it's hard clay. These little carrots pushed right through it! Because of the clay, I learned quickly that I would have to dig them out because when trying to pull them out of the clay many of them snapped off halfway down. They are well worth the work of digging them out, especially if you have children. Mine felt like it was a treasure hunt to find the cute but long little orange jewels! They are a fun carrots to grow and tasty too.

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