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Bigfork, MT, United States
September 19, 2015
Perfect uniform carrots
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? crisp, no cracking

What are the cons? none


These carrots did very well for me. I made sure to space as recommended. These were the first of my carrots to germinate (vs cosmic purple and another orange variety I had leftover). These carrots performed very well, with some of them being about an inch and a half in diameter on top! They ended up much bigger and impressive than this stock photo represents. All my carrots were fat, uniform and straight. The flavor can be described as only slightly sweet, more pungent carrot flavor with more of a "greenness" to it that reminds me oddly of celery leaves (probably not an accurate description, but it is what came to my mind at least), which I enjoy in soups and stir fries. These did not crack, even after a few heavy waterings after forgetting to water for awhile, so they can take some neglect and still perform! To plant I dug 8 inch trenches, filled the trenches with aged horse manure, then spaced these on top, and tamped them down.

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