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Lebanon, PA, United States
November 29, 2018
Unique Beautiful Carrot
Easy to Grow 4.5
EarlyMaturity 1.0

What are the pros? Flavor, Color, and Adaptable

What are the cons? Slow Growing


This is a very enjoyable and vigorous growing carrot. I have grown this many times for its unique delicate flavor, and rather amazing brilliant, golden, yellow, color. The color of this one is an especially lovely addition to a cream soup. Until this year, I was always a bit disappointed by its size, but this year I just let a patch of it grow all season long. The patch was in a corner of my garden that doesn't have good drainage, and I have always had a challenge with root vegetables there. We had a very wet Summer in my locale, and I did not have high hopes when I went to finally dig them. I was amazed by the huge roots I unearthed, and then even more enthused by their flavor and texture, not in the least woody, and that delicate flavor was still there, and just a bit more complex. So, this is clearly a long season carrot, and one that can grow in wet clay soils.

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