December 11, 2010
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I harvested my first four of these a couple days ago. I had planted them in a plastic window box on the ground, about six inches deep, eight inches wide, and 30 inches long. There are still twelve or so growing, but their leaves are smaller and fresher-looking than the leaves of the ones I pulled up. The longest radish was four inches and the shortest about an inch and a half. These are some of the hairiest roots I've ever seen. The white rootlets hold a lot of dirt, so I had to scrub the radishes really well.My daughter grew some ordinary not-heirloom round radishes last year, so she was the first to taste these. At first she was put off by the shape and color, but she ended up taking the radish to school to show her teacher and friends. She said it was hotter than she cares for.I ate one today. I offered my wife and my other daughter a bite, but they declined, describing the radish in a rather vulgar manner. I liked the radish. It was about half again as hot, with a sharper and thinner taste, as a commercial round radish. Luckily I had a bottle of beer handy. I understand now why there is a German radish meant to be drunk with beer; the radish serves the same purpose as corn chips do in Southwestern cuisine: to promote more drinking.

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