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Waltzy Wu
March 12, 2012
I love lovage in the summer when it sizzles
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

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Lovage once it is established in your garden will grow four feet high. Cut it back taking the leaves and stems, which become thick and hollow. Blend the takings with canola oil and let it drip through a coffee filter for two days and you will have lovage oil with which you can make lovage mayonnaise. It is so good that it will revivify your marriage. Equally you can make lovage pesto using a small amount of oil and some chicken stock and powdered almonds if you like, or not. Try a small dollop in your tomato soup or atop a scallop. The flavor is super celery, bright and fresh. The plant is vigorous and two plants will supply all your needs unless you are supplying a restaurant then six ought to do it. I want to plant some in a cold frame so I can harvest into November. The first year I grew it, I moved it into my bedroom in a pot as frost approached, so I would never be without it. Alas the aphids thrived in the warm atmosphere and took it down, but it affords you some idea how excited I was by the taste.

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