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Lulu- Solanum Quitoense (10 seeds) (JS202) $3.00

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Lulu- Solanum Quitoense

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The Lulu or Naranjillo is a very interesting sub-tropical/tropical member of the tomato family Solanaceae.Lulo is native to Northwestern South America and has a long history of being cultivated in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Panama. Lulo plants are gorgeous and look like eggplants on steroids. Lulos cannot be grown outdoors in areas that receive frost; they can, however, be grown in large pots and taken in when the weather gets cold. Lulu can be started and grown like an eggplant or tomato; once the plants are 3 or 4 inches tall, they can be transplanted to a larger pot. If you live in a sub-tropical/tropical area, they will grow best in part shade, because the leaves get so large they are prone to damage from winds. Keep that in mind and plant them in a sheltered place. If you intend to grow Lulu in the North, they can be repotted into a several-gallon pot and moved to a warm patio room for the winter. Plants can be pruned and water can be reduced in the winter, resuming normal watering when the weather gets nice. Lulu is used in South America to make an extremely refreshing drink. Some say it tastes like a lemon and kiwi mixed! A very cool plant to try and grow!
Lulu- Solanum Quitoense
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Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

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austin, TX, United States
June 29, 2017
Nice so far
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Fuzzy, no thorns (yet)

What are the cons? Delicate leaves, pests


Set to germinate in Febuary, but they didnt sprout til around april. Then accidentally, it was crushed. So i set 2 more seeds to sprout- which sprouted in a few days. I cant recall if i soaked or scratched the 1st set of seeds, but i did to the 2nd set. Recommend a short 2-8 hour soak and/or light sanding or cutting the seed coat. Youll save 6-8 weeks. That's what ill do if i plant another. Once i put this in the ground it took off. Clay rocky soil, so i de-rocked to 1 ft and mixed in lots of compost. Once it was steadily over 90 outside, i mulched. Im using garlic/cayenne spray and lime peel diced to control pests. Effective but needs repetition. The other naranjilla sold on Baker creek is reviewed as thorny. My plants 2-3 ft, leaves are up to 2 ft long, flowering and no thorns yet on it. Ill update if they grow. My plant was set back 3 weeks by hail damage- this grows VERY fast if its not traumatized.

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