December 18, 2009
Best Carrots Ever!
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I tried these last year for the first time. I garden in raised beds that are about 2.5' deep and are 4' wide x 8' long, a nice size. I've tried carrots before without much success because we tend to have really hot humid weather. Our spring season lasts about 2 or 3 weeks and then it is summer until we get to October...LOL. Most cool weather crops like to bolt or just wither up and die, even with mulching and irrigation. I made my own seed tapes to get the spacing right, then I planted these carrots, along with the purple variety and some Scarlet Nantes. I inter-planted them with radishes and put rows of spring onions, dill and beets around. I gave them organic mulch and crunched-up eggshells for food. Well, they liked it so much that when we started harvesting them, the purple carrots were bright thick, short and spicy. The orange carrots were longer, large, long and juicy, very sweet and crisp. But the white carrots were enormous! Some were 15 inches long, and over 1.5 inches thick! They were creamy sweet and rich tasting. My 7 yo grandson picked them as his favorite vegetable and ate carrots whenever he was at my house (his 10 yo brother liked the purple ones). I will definitely buy these again!

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