Uncle Sheri
Geneva, NY, United States
February 6, 2017
Like Grandma used to grow
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.5

What are the pros? Easy, prolific

What are the cons? None


I used to only grow pickling type cucumbers. I tried a new method of planting last year - casting - and decided to try a type that would be forgiving if I were to miss a day of harvesting. I literally tossed these seeds onto the 30x30 bed (mixed in with intermittent sunflower seeds for eventual vine support and shade), raked them in, watered and let it go. I had more beautiful cukes this year than ever, and of all sizes. In the past, if I were to miss a cuke on harvest, it would be big, tough, dry and pithy by the time I found it. With these, you can harvest cukes as big as zucchini and they will still taste like a slicer from the store. The vines that were under the mammoth sunflowers seemed to do the best, as we had a pretty major drought this year (lots of sunshine). I will likely plant these together (zone 5) indefinitely. Besides the shade, the sunflowers provide a gorgeous pole for the cucumbers to climb upon and plenty of pollinators!

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