Media relations

A film crew for the public television series "My World Too" interviews Baker Creek founder Jere Gettle. Photo by Kristina Janes

Baker Creek appreciates the important role that journalism and media play in educating the public about heirloom gardening, health, nutrition, and pure food. Our team is here to connect media representatives with our gardening and horticulture experts, as well as those with expertise in other aspects of the heirloom seed movement. Our experts are also available for a limited number of garden-related presentations, radio shows, and podcasts. We can also brief members of the media on our company’s history, mission and activities. 

We are happy to provide background materials, photographs, videos, seed packets for photo shoots, or other material requests for your stories to further our passion for Saving, Growing, and Sharing rare seeds!

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, Baker Creek does not engage in affiliate marketing or paid influencer programs.

Please get in touch with us!

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