Grains and Cover Crops

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container farmer
Los Gatos, CA, United States
June 29, 2015
high yields if cared for
Easy to Grow 4.5
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? compact,not picky with soil

What are the cons? yield is small if neglected


first tried to sow them straight into the ground in the bay area in heavy clay soil with limited access to water found that the drought tolerance of the plants is determined by its fast growth rate. under high heat and low water conditions even relatively small plants bolt if they at least have 4 leaves meaning there will always be at least some yield however yield triples with daily watering that I attempted the next year conclusion- consider it less drought tolerant than sorghum with the same behavior as sorghum under drought aka less yield and smaller size also takes high heat like a champ

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