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Mint Assortment
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Mint Assortment - 3 plants (MPL104) $10.00
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Mint Assortment - 3 plants

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We offer here a collection of three favorite mints! Orange Mint, with its fragrant citrus overtones, Moroccan Mint is a deep, full flavored, 'minty' mint, and Variegated Peppermint is a beautiful twist on this old classic! This is perhaps the most powerful perennial to invite into your landscape. Countless beneficial insects are absolutely enchanted by mint, while many pesky garden pests are repulsed by it. Perennial from zones 4-9, mint will thrive in most gardens. It is quite competitive and belongs in the herb bed or in a contained location. Many folks simply clip the leaves and use as mulch around plants in the vegetable garden to harness the pest repelling benefits without letting this aggressive plant grow in the vegetable garden. (SHIPS IN APRIL)

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