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Mita, Vasconcellea candicans
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Mita, Vasconcellea candicans (5 seeds) (JSGR102) $5.00
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Mita, Vasconcellea candicans

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This very interesting relative of the papaya is also found in the highlands of Peru. It grows in areas that have a distinct wet season and a distinct dry season. It grows in the cooler higher zones, and is unlikely to tolerate frosts. It could be grown in a large pot once established, and may grow well as far south as Coastal San Diego outside… worth trying. The fruits are long and look like deeply rutted cucumbers. They soften and yellow a bit when ripe. Traditionally the fruits are cooked in syrup and made into sweet meets, but they also can be prepared as a cooked vegetable. The Mita can be eaten fresh when ripe, with the seeds and pulp scooped out with a spoon. Seeds probably take some time to germinate, probably like papaya seeds. A definite must for serious fruit lovers.

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