San Francisco, CA, United States
July 14, 2017
Prolific tasty foolproof
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.5

What are the pros? Easy to grow, great taste,!

What are the cons? None


Mistake after mistake... And they flourished! I did literally everything wrong.... After planting at the beginning of June in a foggy area of SF, we've been eating baby leaves for 2 full weeks( 7/14) I wouldn't suggest following my example. I mixed up seeds and accidently germinated these by soaking, then wet coffee filters in a bag on a heater (in SF we use the heat all summer) so environment alternated between 75 and during the day and 55 at night. They germinated in 2 days and thinking they were another vegetable entirely, I planted the seeds an inch down in a raised bed(yet another strike) One week later, they sprouted and by week 3 were hardy small plants.By the 4th of July I had numerous plants with gorgeous small spinach leaves. We've been eating the baby leaves regularly for the last week and they continue to grow well, despite having been scalped early. Taste is mild with a tender texture... Planting more(correctly) as I write!

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