Lawrence, KS, United States
August 16, 2016
Love love love
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? Great all around tomato.

What are the cons? Some weather related cracking.


We've had a hard summer for garden plants. Cool waterlogged spring, followed by scorching heat with high winds, then cool and wet again for a week and finally just h.o.t. and super humid but no rain. A lot of my tomatoes just sat in protest except the Mortgage Lifter which started producing when they should have. The few tomatoes I've gotten from my other type of tomato plants are corky on many of the shoulders with deep woody cores which I attribute to weather issues. The Mortgage Lifters aren't 100% immune to this weird weather. I've gotten some concentric cracking but they self heal and the tomato is not affected in taste or quality inside. It's more of a cosmetic issue. Considering the issues with the others it's a minor problem. The Mortgage Lifter tomatoes themselves are dense, deep rose red without being hard, meaty with rich balanced tomato flavor. Easy to skin for cooking. I've used them for slicing, salad, sauces and canning. These are my go-to tomatoes from now on.

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