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Mullein (100 seeds) (HB146) $2.50
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(Verbascum densiflorum) Mullein is well-adapted to cottage, gravel, and rock gardens. In its function as a pioneer plant, it loves to protect and cover disturbed soil. The first year, this biennial will create a short basal rosette of thick, soft, pale-green leaves that are sometimes called “cowboy toilet paper” or “flannel leaf”. The second year it will send up a tall stalk of abundant dense flowers unique to this V. densiflorum variety of mullein. The first year leaves have been traditionally used dried as an infusion for lung issues, and the second year flowers for ear aches.
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Lewistown, MT, United States
November 16, 2017
watch out
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What are the pros? NOTHING

What are the cons? This is a terrible weed!!!!!!!


This weed was introduced by the rail road 40 years ago being picked up from people who planted it in town. Nothing eats it and we haven't been able to kill it with chemicals either. We pull as much of it as we can each year and try to keep it in check, but it's a constant battle. If you don't have it, take my advice and pull it if you ever see it as the seeds can last in the soil for 100 or more years

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