June 24, 2012
Great for breaking up clay soil and bug traps
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

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I'm not a fan of eating radishes, so I got these to prepare the bed for my squashes. The roots and tops are huge. I hadn't planted for years in the back part of the garden where I put these, and they have no issues growing long and wide. (I did till and add alfalfa meal/compost before planting.) I plucked out two this morning and the measurements include the stringy roots. One is 9" long with a 9" circumference. The other is a foot long with a 7" circumference. Also, living next to a corn field, I always have issues with abundant cucumber beetles and squash bugs destroying my squash. Radishes are a known trap crop for said bugs. Given how big these plants get, there is a lot of leaf to keep them away from my squashes (so far). I also found a dead japanese beetle on a leaf, but I don't know if the radish killed it or it just happened to die there.

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