San Diego, CA
December 24, 2013
This Carrot Delivers
Easy to Grow 3.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? good main crop carrot

What are the cons? no dislikes


Carrots from the garden are just terrific and if you want certain varieties, order early--last year I didn't so I found myself with Danvers 126 and Berlicum 2. Usually I plant Nantes as my main carrot along with some Cosmic Purple or the like. Nantes just delivers a terrific carrot. I ordered early this year and I already have Nantes baby carrots to harvest. The texture is nice and smooth, while not the largest carrot around it packs great flavor . I am glad that Baker Creek brought Nantes on board. The germination rates were notably high after 3 days of pre sprouting in lightweight soil over a heating pad with nearly all seeds showing signs of sprouting. The pre-sprouted seeds were slow to really get going in the December garden but really took off after about 16 days. I think Nantes really delivers in the garden!

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