Vegetable Seeds

Negrito Manduvi Peanut

Precious little mini-peanut has very tiny shells measuring just about 1/2 inch long, but the the peanuts inside are surprisingly large. Everyone who sees these calls them "really cute". Kids seem to adore them! Each kernel is enclosed in a deep purple-black inner wrapper. Very easy to grow and the yield is abundant.

Apparently originated in Paraguay, which is a center of origin and diversity for peanuts, and was originally collected by USDA as early as 1946. 

Plant peanuts in fertile soil about 1 inch deep after danger of frost has passed in spring. Keep free of weeds but do not mulch - mulch will prevent the flower peg, where the peanut develops, from penetrating the soil. Dig peanuts in about 120 to 140 days when foliage begins to yellow at the end of the growing season.



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