Ologwe Nigerian Cowpea

(Vigna unguiculata) Cowpeas probably originated in southern Africa, the countries of Zimbabwe and Botswana having the greatest genetic diversity with thousands of landraces and forms. Even so, Nigeria is the land of the “ cowpea”, with almost 40% of the world’s production being grown there! Because it is such a popular food it is not hard to imagine why Nigerians have a plethora of “Cowpea” related dishes. Some of the most famous Nigerian Cowpea dishes include: Akara ( cowpea paste fritters), Danwake (cowpea dumplings), Gbegiri Soup (a bean soup delicacy) and Moin-Moin (steamed cowpea paste). These beans from Nigeria probably will need short days which means that they are either best grown in the deep south or in containers. A lot of Cowpea varieties from Africa are day length sensitive and require 12-hour days to flower and make seeds. The good news is that all parts of cowpea plants are edible and the cooked tender greens are especially nutritious. So plant some of these and have some fun and learn about Nigerian food culture in your spare time!

This seed is brought to us by Botanical Explorer, Joseph Simcox: learn more here 


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