Onion, Shirley Hammond Multiplier (10 cloves)

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Baker Creek Seeds is honored and proud to introduce the Shirley Hammond Multiplier onion. Shirley Floyd Hammond and her daughter Stephanie Tetterton shared this gorgeous, white-skinned variety with us. The onions have been a part of Shirley’s life for more than 75 years. She remembers her parents growing them in their garden in Horry County, S.C., and when Shirley got married in 1963, her dad helped her start a garden at her new home in Finklea, S.C. She and her husband, Jimmy, grew them every year, occasionally selling extras through the local feed and seed stores in nearby Loris, S.C., and Tabor City, N.C. Shirley loves to use these onions in roasts and stews, but with their mild flavor, they’re also great raw. 

These small, white-skinned onions are so productive – a single bulb will produce a clump of 7 to 15 onions. They can be planted in spring or fall in most climates. To save bulbs for replanting, pull and allow them to cure for a few weeks in a warm, airy place, away from direct sunlight, then store them in a cool, dry place.  

We are so grateful to Shirley and Stephanie for preserving and sharing this wonderful little perennial onion. Click this link to meet them and learn more of their story!

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