Onion, White Egyptian Walking (10 bulbils)

Allium cepa var. proliferum Perennial zones 3-9. A delectable, sweet, topsetting onion with snow-white flesh and skin. These will mature a bit earlier than the traditional Red Egyptian Walking onion. Ideal for permaculture gardens, edible landscaping, or a low-maintenance food crop! Also known as tree onions and perennial onions, the plants produce bulbs at both the top and bottom of the plant. You can harvest and eat all parts of the plant, including the bottom bulbs, stems, and bulbils, or mini bulbs, produced at the top of the 2- to 3-foot stalk. The weight of the top bulbils will eventually cause the plant to flop over in fall and take root in a new place just a few feet away. It truly “walks” across the garden over the years if you let it! Bulbs should be planted immediately upon receiving. A truly care-free perennial vegetable!

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