Savannah, GA
April 29, 2013
handsome and prolific
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 2.5

What are the pros? tall and striking appearance

What are the cons? invasive, wilts when cut


We're going on our third year and maybe the fifth or sixth season of volunteers springing up everywhere in our garden. It's hard to decide if that's good or bad. Originally I planted these thinking we'd try harvesting the seeds as a grain, but we didn't really get around to it. Was hoping it would attract birds, but they didn't seem terribly interested, preferring sunflowers and native grasses. In our climate, with long summers, spring-planted seedlings hold off on flowering till after the equinox. Fall volunteers may bloom before frost and those that survive winter will bloom, even if they're only a few inches high. They're so-so as cut flowers as they tend to wilt. They bleach out when dried. The greens taste HORRIBLE raw. Didn't cook any to see if there was an improvement. Nevertheless, this is a cool plant in a mixed border. Might as well be, since you can't get rid of it.

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