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Newport, NY
March 12, 2014
Good germination 4 me
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 4.5

What are the pros? Low maintainence

What are the cons? none


I gave this five stars to negate some of the other reviews so people don't get turned off! I put a lot of credence in the reviews myself when ordering. Go ahead and give this one a try! Improper seedling care might be mistaken for poor germination... the seeds are very tiny! I started some inside and they were just ok... they need pretty constant moisture or even better, a dome over the tray to maintain humidity. I threw the rest on the surface of a spot I made for them in the garden and WHOA! off they went! I did not expect them to do so well from direct seeding. I even dug several chunks out and brought them in for winter use. This was excellent in our soups and stews! WAY better than dried from the store. Give this one a try, it's worth it... just KEEP IT MOIST!!!

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