Our Trial Gardens

Our Gardens

Visitors expect to find display gardens containing a wide variety of plants at the Baker Creek farm, and they are not disappointed. Our gardens continue to expand at a rapid rate. The main display garden that is front and center of the pioneer village contains more than 80 individual plant beds separated by slate tile walkways, a hand constructed water fountain that flows into an adjoining koi fish pond, and more than a hundred varieties of flowers and herbs.

Missouri Seed Trials

We have 5 major gardens on the Missouri property where we trial about 1000 varieties a year. We want to know first hand how our seeds are performing and what exciting “new” heirlooms we want to introduce.


Gardening is our passion, and nearly every employee and the Gettle family play in the garden every day. Our seeds are not only tested to grow by our seed technicians, but also in the garden; we want to have the best seeds for ourselves and our customers.