Come and Share in the Harvest!

Welcome to the Baker Creek Restaurant
Our restaurant is open Monday-Friday from 11:30am-2pm.

Located in the heart of Bakersville and the Baker Creek property. With a beautiful, state-of-the-art open
kitchen, guests are able to not only taste heirloom-inspired plant-based cuisine, but to see
the plates come together in front of their eyes.

Working with new varieties of plants, herbs and vegetables each season, our restaurant is
the place to experience the differences in taste, flavor and quality that heirloom varieties

It’s our goal in the kitchen to work with not just the brilliant natural flavors of each ingredient,
but with the textures, colors and beauty of each plant. Working with the finest heirloom
products available gives us an opportunity, if not an obligation, to show our guests the
possibilities that exist within a healthy, natural environment.

The bountiful amounts of produce that come off our fields is the opportunity to show the
world what farming, food and our future can look like. Variety is critical for our health, and
the health of our planet moving forward. Growing and using a wide variety of plants isn’t
just an opportunity to insure diversity in our ecosystems, but it’s an opportunity to open up
an entire new world of flavors and dishes within our restaurants and homes.

Our restaurant is open to anyone who walks through our doors. We believe that everyone
deserves the opportunity to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal. Every day we offer a donation-
only offering, along with our regular menu. The menus and our restaurant are inspired
by and heavily influenced by Southeast Asian cuisine; however, we also offer up our own
renditions of classic regional fare and heirloom specials to insure everyone finds the perfect
plate when they come in.

You can call with questions about the restaurant by calling our main line at: (417) 924-8917.