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Santa Rosa, CA, United States
July 16, 2017
sometimes biannual or longer
Easy to Grow 0.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? pretty flowers and great dried

What are the cons? Yellow and white die easy


I usually buy my Statice as plants not seeds, so no review on how easy to grow. But this year for whatever reason no nurseries seem to have them. Maybe too wet a winter and growers lost plants or a lot of growers cut back after the last several years of drought people quit planting gardens and growers couldn't sell all they grew. They seem to be drought tolerate and in my area the climate is mild enough my Statice is going on its third year. If you plant it take care of the yellowed flowered ones as they seem to die off, The next least hardy is the White. The purple and blues seem to be the hardiest.

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