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Palav Kadu
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Palav Kadu Squash (20 seeds) (SQ270) $2.75

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Palav Kadu Squash

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Sweet, Giant “Butternuts” with huge yields! (C. moschata) 100 days. Like a massive, fine-flavored butternut, these have sweet orange flesh and produce heavy! Very old central Asian variety, almost unknown to the rest of the world. The fruits reach to about 15 lbs. In the Tajik language, the name means “squash for palav,” a well-known dish from Central Asia. Superb flavor, excellent keeper!
Palav Kadu Squash
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Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 2.0

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Olathe, KS, United States
January 1, 2018
Amazing Central Asian Squash
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 2.0

What are the pros? Easy to grow and so much fruit

What are the cons? They can take all the sun


A friend gave us five of these giant squash last year. He had bought a truckload in order to allow a farmer to keep his land rather than selling it. We gave three away to a cafeteria to feed everyone 'pumpkin' soup for the week. We made one into pies and roasted the seeds for snacking. We baked one to use for soup and to eat and threw the seeds into the compost. In the spring we put the compost all around various trees in the orchard and under garden beds. By summer these squash vines were growing all over the property. In the fall kids came from school to take these for jack'o'lnatern carving. Then in November and in December we started harvesting dozens of massive Palav Kadu squash. We did water them, but that was it == no other care taken. They are delicious when hacked into big chunks and baked with butter, garlic and thyme..

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