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Papa's Blue Corn
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Papa's Blue Corn (75 seeds) (CN170) $4.00

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Papa's Blue Corn

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All-blue ears in a wide range of blue shades, from indigo to nearly purple. Slender 8- to 12-inch ears come on quickly, usually a single ear per four-foot-tall plant. Bred to tolerate Montana’s cool summers and scanty rainfall. A decorative and delicious new flour corn that is sure to please in most areas of the country

ABOUT: PAPA’S RED, WHITE AND BLUE CORNS We’re so excited to introduce this series of short season flour corn for northern climates. Bred by Ed Schultz outside of Bozeman, Montana, The Papa’s Series corns all feature earliness and tolerance to cool conditions. Ed first began breeding his corns about 1985. He started with all the really short-season flour types he could lay his hands on: Mandan Red, Painted Mountain, Fiesta and others. Allowing these types to cross freely, he simply selected the earliest and best each year, for planting the next year. Then came the lengthy process of selecting single-colored ears out of the mix. Some 30 years later, the result: short plants (only to about 4’ tall) that yield very early. Surprisingly long ears—typically 8” long, running occasionally to 12”. These slim, 8-row ears grow from a narrow cob, and are very graceful and beautiful. All the Papa’s Series varieties feature a brilliantly colored exterior, enclosing a white interior comprised of a soft, white flour-type starch—excellent!


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