Pastel Mix Livingstone Daisy

(Dorotheanthus bellidiformis) Annual. A carefree annual with dazzlingly colorful rewards! These low, spreading plants reach just 4-6 inches tall and send amazing beams of rainbow colors into the stratosphere. They are the easiest way to brighten a difficult, dry landscape! This sun-loving plant makes a drought-tolerant ground cover and is an exceptionally easy-togrow blast of color for your landscape! Native to Cape Peninsula in South Africa, this variety is presumably named for Dr. David Livingstone, a Scottish-born physician and missionary who extensively traveled the African continent in the 1800s. The plants native range is in relatively infertile desert soils, which lends an explanation to its resilience. Do not over water, these like slightly dry, well-drained soil.

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Minimum Seed Count: 200
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