International Falls, MN, United States
February 2, 2019
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Yummy

What are the cons? None


I bought these about 6 years ago and grew them just fine. I lost my seeds during a move and they got left in a freezing northern Minnesota garage for 2 years. Not exactly how you should treat seeds. As a test I took the mistreated 6 year old seeds and planted them. They grew!!! Shocking! The germination rate in spite of the abuse was about 50%. The plants that made it grew perfectly with no effects from the abuse I heaped on them. The fruits where beautiful and delicious. I struggle getting my head wrapped around the color, I get all freaked out at first thinking they are bad but once you come to terms with the color they are delicious and a pleasure to eat and grow. I plunk them in the ground and other than an occasional watering I pay little mind to them until they start producing. We are under construction so I little time for pruning suckers and weeding and they produce with no maintenance.

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