Garden Berries

Amirim, UM
March 3, 2014
You must know how to eat it.
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? beautiful and tasty

What are the cons? tastes blend if picked to late


I actually have this fruit from a plant I bought and did not grow it from seeds. When we ate the first few fruits we where quite disappointed - as one of the other reviews said - it tasted like a blend melon... So we ignored this plant for some time and even though of removing it in favor of something else... but then I saw that the ants where eating the fruit and leaving nothing but the thin external skin of it and said that if they find it so good I must try again. this time I picked it a bit "early" - and did not let it become "ripe". It tasted SO much better... each person I gave to try it said that it was like some exotic fruit mixture - pears, pineapple, persimmons and so on each with what he likes best... I am going to try grow some more myself now from seeds - would like to have between 10-20 of those plants... Our summers reach 38 Celsius and in the last winter it even survived a snow...) If it tastes blend - you picked it too late. pick it before it becomes yellow.

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