Peruvian Chullpi Corn

(Zea mays) Corn is one of the foundations of life in the Andes, and it is grown in a myriad of forms for a myriad of purposes. This unusual large kernel corn is grown for fresh eating. Being from the Andes, this is surely another long season corn that is most adapted to short day-lengths. It is best experimented with in the south, but for ardent gardeners is certainly a rarity worth trying. Just to note, these Andean Corn varieties don’t have any problem growing, they will grow and grow, they just don’t tassel till later which makes it a challenge to set cobs in places with a short growing season. It could take 200 to 250 days or more to cob set. But it could go to flower much sooner - there is only one way to find out and Baker Creek Seeds would love to hear your feedback on this amazing rare variety. The wait is worth it, the kernels are very long and slender and have been a delicacy in Peru for centuries!


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