State College, MO, United States
September 5, 2015
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I would suggest taking a strip of sand paper and rubbing the seed coat on it quickly back and forth with the seed pinched between your thumb and index finger until you can see a little white of the endosperm. Then put in warm water over night. You should see the seed hydrate and eventually the embryonic root will push through a trap door in the seed coat by the second or third day. When you see this, put the seed in soil. This method works great for me with canna seeds which are in the same family as bananas. Canna seeds will also germinate quickly if you plant them outside in the height of summer. The trick is to break down the waterproof seed coat so water can reach the embryo and trigger germination. Cold will break down the coat but will also kill the embryo. I think the best way is to physically break down the seed coat is with sand paper. Try these tried and true tricks for stubborn canna on your bananas!

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