Pitcher Plant Mix (seeds)

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Sarracenia, or trumpet pitcher plants, are beautiful, fascinating carnivorous plants native to North America. At their Botanique nursery in Virginia, botanist Robert Sacilotto and co-owner Butch Bailey have been careful stewards of rare, and often endangered, species of carnivorous plants for decades.  

We are so pleased to offer their exquisite mix of seeds for Sarracenia varieties, chosen for their beauty. The mix will vary, but may include:  

  • Sarracenia alata, the Pale Pitcher plant. The very slender, tall pitchers reach 26 inches or more.  
  • S. flava, the Yellow Pitcher plant, has tall, showy funnels and a wide variety of color variants.  
  • The showy pitchers of S. lucophylla, or White-topped pitcher, have many color variations and a striking stained-glass pattern. This mix may include Botanique’s Hot Pink lucophylla, which really put on a show in late summer and fall. 
  • S. minor, the Hooded Pitcher plant, has pitchers of 6 to 10 inches tall. The translucent windows on the back of the pitcher confuse prey as to which way is out.  
  • S. purpurea, the Purple Pitcher plant, is the most widespread and familiar species of Sarracenia. The green pitchers, usually with red veins or zones, turn to deep burgundy when the weather gets cold. 
  • S. psittacina, the Parrot Pitcher plant, produces rosettes of teardrop-shaped pitchers with bulbous heads and a beak-like opening. The flowers are deep red, and the leaves are marked with red veins and white spots. 

Rob likens this mix to a “Sarracenia lottery, only the odds of getting amazing plants are much, much better!” 

Sarracenia plants are perennial and cold hardy. They are very much at home at the water’s edge or as part of a bog garden. Botanique recommends mulching them in USDA zones 6 and 7, where temperatures drop below zero, and protecting them against prolonged freezing temperatures north of zone 6. For the best growth, Sarracenia plants need at least six hours of direct sun during spring and summer.  

Seeds require a period of moist stratification before starting. Detailed instructions for stratifying seeds will be included with each order. 

For instructions on how to germinate, start, grow, and save sarracenia, see our growing guide.

** All images Pitcher Plant varieties in this mix are courtesy of Robert Sacilotto. 

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