thetford mines, quebec, Canada
May 24, 2015
purple plum radish
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? grow well in clay soil

What are the cons? some plant are seed only


sowed 10seed in a little patch some years ago but forgot about them. years later i go back i find a very stange plant growing that is full of seeds. after checking what radish looked like i found out that those were radish seed from those same plant i sowed back in summer year past. i got a box full of seeds from those plant. planted them in rows, about 200. waited to the end of summer (50~ days later) to harvest. about 80% of plant had eatable roots. the rest didnt have any and were only leaves. i let 2 of them seed and kept them for this year. the radish have a very nice color, even very big 3-6inch diameter they are still very crunchy without any woody feeling. the leaves are very rough with spike on them, they are supposed to be comestible but i dont see how. they need alot of water or they get very spicy. i found that slicing them on a plate and letting them air out for 30min remove the hotnest. DO NO FREEZE THEM, i did and they turn to mush. my soil is very hard clay.

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