Timpson, TX, United States
October 4, 2017
Good variety
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Good greens!

What are the cons? small bulbs


I've grown this variety before because it does good for my area. This is the first time I sourced my seed from Baker Creek. Excellent germination rate! It seemed as though every single seed I planted came up! My greens are about 3-4 inches tall so far and are still growing wonderfully despite that our Texas temperature still reaches the low nineties. The only trouble that I've always had with this variety is that I never get any big bulbs like it shows on the picture. Goodness, if I were to ever pull one up that big, I would probably faint! Mine usually max out at about the size of a quarter. However, where I live, I have hard-as-rock clay soil that I call rubbish. Any veggie I grow at my house must either be planted in a pot or my raised bed. If I had sandy soil, I'm sure my stuff would do better. Anyway, the greens on this variety are great. We freeze them to have later throughout the year. They are very easy to grow, and I plan to continue growing these!

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