Mrs. Kristi
Newton, AL
December 20, 2013
Beautiful but Slimy
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 3.5

What are the pros? Beautiful, Prolific Vines

What are the cons? The taste and texture


I have a friend in Ocala, Florida who raved about this plant and gave me seedlings. I planted it along the fence line of my veggie garden and watched it take off! It is super easy to grow. I harvested the leaves a couple of months later and tasted them raw, to my disappointment, the leaves were VERY slimy (almost a boiled okra texture) and tasted like dirt - not much like spinach. Am I doing something wrong? The bugs in Southeast Alabama did not bother them. And the vine was so BEAUTIFUL that I left it growing along the fence. I harvested the leaves occasionally and fed them to my chickens. In the late summer/early fall the plant dropped tons of black seeds which I am hoping will germinate along the fence line in the spring. If someone will tell me a good recipe, I will try and eat it again! : ) It is too pretty to give up on totally!

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