SH in Zone 5
Fort Collins, CO, United States
February 24, 2019
Pretty vine lots of recipes
Easy to Grow 3.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

What are the pros? Contrasting purple-green

What are the cons? Not meant for my climate


Very pretty climbing vine. Leaves work great in traditional indian/bengali recipes (look up "pui shak recipe" for ideas). It tastes and has a texture like itself, not like spinach (it's not really a spinach relative anyway). Definitely needs help to germinate. Sandpaper and other attempts to damage seed cases didn't get results for me (maybe I was too gentle) but giving seeds a 12-24 hour soak prior to planting has worked well the last 3 years. Also needs high heat. In-ground was too cold - vines topped out at 3 feet. Grew best in a black plastic pot on a brick patio, but even then didn't make it all the way to seed maturity before the autumn cold killed it. No worries about-self seeding in this climate! Doesn't take up much space. Will keep growing mainly for looks.

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