Red Ursa Kale

From Portugal, Germany and China, kale has made traditional soups and provided people with their staple greens. While Red Ursa is a relatively new addition to the rainbow of kales, its roots run deep. The Red Russian and Siberian kales originate from northern Europe and northern Asia, and some of the varieties have been traced back to Russian traders migrating to Canada in the late 1800s. Kale is a crop that has evolved and cross-pollinated over the years, and Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed in Corvalis, Oregon has kept this tradition going with his kale breeding efforts. In the 90s he crossed a Siberian Kale with a Red Russian Kale to form what is now Red Ursa. In 1997, Red Ursa was entered into the National Variety trials and chosen as one of the top five vegetables of the year! This extra frilly version of a Red Russian kale with striking dark red to purple stems and rich green leaves. Tastes like kale should with meaty leaves complemented by a sweet stem. A delight eaten raw or cooked. (65 days to maturity, 24in- tall and wide)


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