Garden Berries

Becca in Kansas zone 6a
March 24, 2012
Even better the second year
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

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I decided to grow these after going on a hike with cub scouts and seeing tiny wild strawberry plants in a wooded area in the park. I started these seeds 2 years ago in the ground. (I didn't start seeds inside that year due to having a newborn.) I got several small plants and while we got lots of flowers my toddler picked almost all of them. I think we had maybe 5 strawberries at the very end of the season but they were delicious. The second year we got quite a bit more fruit as I was more diligent in keeping someone from picking all the flowers. This is year 3 and we already have blooms on the plants that weathered both a really cold snowy and a mild winter now. I will actually be transferring the plants as well as the 8 more that are starting now to a bed with perennial herbs since I know they are going to make it a while. Also, the fruit seemed to get over ripe very easily. Like one day they would be green and 2 days later they would be over ripe and food for the bugs. Definitely need to check the plants daily.

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