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Rice Blue Bonnet

A traditional rice grown by native Mayan people who call it "Blue Bonnet". Collected by Mennonite farmers who have a community near Belmopan, it was given to them by their Mayan neighbors in the town of Armenia, Belize. This is an upland rice variety as it does not need to be flooded and can be grown in regular garden soil. Very productive plants. Here are the "growing instructions" we have for this seed: Warm weather - plant after last frost. Short season, start indoors about the same time you would tomatoes, but still may not have much luck. Needs rich soil (good Nitrogen) plant 5 to 6 inches apart both ways if planting in a bed, or 2 to 3 inches apart with 1 to 2 foot between if planting in rows. Need to keep weeds down and keep the soil moist. Growers in TN planted in mid May and harvested in Mid September


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