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Eden Keeper
November 13, 2011
Why it's great and growing tips plus a wishlist.
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I'm really excited about this variety of rice since it is indirectly mentioned in Bartram's Travels as part of his provisions considering that it was a staple food in the area at the time (1770s). Getting 84% more seed than expected allowed an experiment that found a germination rate about twice as high when sown in pots then transplanted rather than directly sown into a paddy (where birds may have got some seed). The only notable problems dealt with growing the rice, including getting a late start (early June since only finding this source for rice seed at about the idea time to transplant in late May) considering that harvest is 5-6 months later, a drought dropping the level of the adjacent farm pond below the new rice paddy resulting in weeds (where not mulched) rather than any any noticeable problems with the rice, and worst of all the muskrats and/or rabbits that effectively wiped out the entire paddy, therefore, from now on I'll keep many more plants (than just one) at a safe location. That one self-pollinated plant (in a pot) produced over 100 seed, but with more plants for cross pollination this could have been 5 times more. If this seems like a lot it is because the soil was compost (from the kitchen) and the rice was grown with the companion plant Carolina mosquitofern, Azolla caroliniana Willd., which reportedly fixes nitrogen.I just wish rice seed also came in bulk quantities like most of the other seed for grains and cover crops since I'd like to try growing more than all the varmints can eat. This includes plans to terrace the backside of the dam that is visible from a highway so those paddies will be easier to fill during droughts besides eliminating the unkempt weeds being used as cover by the muskrats. Wild rice (Zizania aquatica L.) seed is also on my wishlist although that may be difficult due to the short shelf life (since it is ideally planted the same season as harvested due to the reported need for a long submerged cold stratification).

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