St. Louis, MO
January 9, 2014
Easy to Grow 0.0
EarlyMaturity 0.0

What are the pros? None

What are the cons? Lots


First off, it is not broccoli it is cauliflower. Started ten plants indoors in February, transplanted in March. Plants grew large and healthy, up to four and a half feet tall. None formed heads. They grew through the summer and attracted tons of cabbage worms. I killed them all by hand but had some help from wasps and yellow jacket. I even fed one a dead caterpillar by hand. Through the summer, two plants suddenly wilted and it clearly wasn't a water issue so I immediately tore them out. In fall, one started to form a head but the plant just rotted. It started with a brown spot about a foot up on the stem. Eventually it went all the way through the stem. People said below that it doesn't breed true. I never got any heads but some had large broad leaves and some had very thin down-curved leaves that were arranged obliquely along the stem. I think the latter are the pure bred ones. Only grow this if you are really confident in growing CAULIFLOWER!

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